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Introducing the ZOOZI KIDS SPACE BALL(Z1007-T) - MIX COLOUR (30pcs/Box) - Your Ultimate Fun Companion!

Experience a world of excitement with our ZOOZI KIDS SPACE BALL - MIX COLOUR, the perfect blend of fun and learning for children of all ages. Here's why our soft, vibrant balls are the ideal choice:

Soft and Safe: Crafted from high-quality PU foam, these Space Balls are exceptionally soft, flexible, and non-toxic, ensuring worry-free playtime indoors and outdoors.

Eye-Catching Colors: The brilliant mix of colors sparks imagination and captivates attention, enhancing the joy of playtime.

Skill Development: Beyond play, these Space Balls aid in hand-eye coordination, promoting learning through interactive play sessions.

Generous Quantity: Each box contains 30 pieces, offering ample options for solo and group play, ensuring hours of entertainment.

Perfect Size: Designed with a 6-inch diameter, these balls are easy for little hands to grasp, encouraging exploration and active play.

Endless Entertainment: Enjoy boundless fun and create lasting memories with ZOOZI KIDS SPACE BALLS, promising countless giggles and unforgettable moments.

Bring color, education, and pure joy into your child's life with the ZOOZI KIDS SPACE BALL - MIX COLOUR. Order your box of 30 today and witness the excitement in your child's eyes!

Rs. 499.00

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