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T-FLIGHT STICK X is a precise, stable and complete joystick for budding pilots who want to improve their virtual flight simulation skills.

The Plug & Play joystick is fully compatible with all flight simulation games for PC and features a unique ergonomic design that allows it to adapt to any type of game: dogfights, civil or commercial flights, space adventures, etc.

Take full advantage of the joystick’s capabilities with the 12 action buttons and 4 axes , all extensively programmable, and the integrated throttle.A must-have for fast, intuitive and efficient handling in all circumstances, in any type of game.
The handle rotation can be locked in place for more realistic flights.The brake trigger is perfectly adapted to civil flight, while the rapid-fire option allows for better use in military and space flights.The integrated throttle is part of the weighted joystick base to ensure optimal and ergonomic positioning and provides realistic throttle response.

Rs. 7,990.00

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