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ESWAP S PRO CONTROLLER is meticulously crafted to elevate your gaming performance, focusing on precision and responsiveness to enhance your gameplay experience. Engineered with next-generation analog mini-sticks, each boasting a lifespan of 2 million activations, it ensures unparalleled accuracy and durability. Whether you're honing your aim or executing complex maneuvers, the controller's D-pad with 4 tact switches delivers exceptional responsiveness, facilitating swift and precise diagonal movements with an activation distance of just 0.02 inches.

Responsive tact switch buttons set a new standard, offering 64% faster response times compared to traditional membrane buttons, rated for over 5 million activations. With an activation distance reduced to 0.01 inches, every click is instantaneous, providing near-zero delay in your commands. More than just high-performance components, the ESWAP S PRO CONTROLLER adapts to your unique gaming style. You have the flexibility to adjust trigger physical travel and activation sensitivity, ensuring a tailored fit that aligns perfectly with your preferences and gameplay requirements.

For added versatility, the controller features two programmable buttons conveniently located on its back, empowering you to customize controls without leaving the game. Designed to never falter, the ESWAP S PRO CONTROLLER promises reliability and consistency, allowing you to focus solely on mastering the game without any compromise from your gear.

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