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Sameo Gamegear Handheld Video Game Console

Take a blast from the past with this thin lightweight ABS plastic portable retro handheld game player. The Gamegear has 666+ 8-bit graphic games to choose from. Just scroll through the list to select your choice, press "Start", and enjoy. The Gamegear is a multi-platform device that can be enjoyed on the 3.5 in HD LCD screen or on the big screen by connecting the Gamegear to the TV via the included RV cable. Manually control your character using the arrow keys or clearly marked game keys. Enjoy the crisp clear sound of the background music via the built in speaker. Take the Gamegear with you anywhere with its 0.39 in thick design. Share the Gamegear by connecting the gamepad controller to add a Player 2. Charge up the Gamegear via micro USB and enjoy long hours of gameplay with the built in 500mAh polymer battery. The Gamegear: Comes in 4 colors: Pink, Green, Blue, and Gray Dimensions: 2 in x 3 in x 0.39 in Screen: 3.5 in HD LCD Built in speakers Clearly labeled game key controls Can connect to the TV via AV cable  2 Player capable Battery: 500mAh polymer Charges via micro USB cable Package includes: + 1 console + 1 AV cable + 1 micro USB charging cable + 1 gamepad controller Take a trip down memory lane and share these classic retro games with your little ones. Do not forget to plug in the gamepad controller to share the fun and hook up the Gamegear to the TV to take in more of the 8-bit experience.

Rs. 1,999.00

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