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HITMAN III is a 2021 stealth game developed and published by IO Interactive. It is the eighth main installment in the Hitman video game series, the sequel to 2018's Hitman 2, and the third and final entry in the World of Assassination trilogy. Concluding the story arc started in 2016's Hitman, the game follows genetically-engineered assassin Agent 47 and his allies as they hunt down the leaders of the secretive organization Providence, which controls global affairs and was partially responsible for 47's creation and upbringing.

Hitman 3, the first game to be self-published by IO Interactive after becoming an independent studio, was released worldwide for PlayStation 4PlayStation 5WindowsXbox OneXbox Series X/SStadia, and Nintendo Switch (via cloud gaming) on 20 January 2021. It received positive reviews, with praise for its level design and atmosphere, stealth mechanics, and 47's abilities. Some critics called it the best entry in the series and it has been cited as one of the greatest stealth games of all time. The game won various awards including "PC Game of the Year" at the 2021 Golden Joystick Awards. Hitman 3 was also the most commercially successful game in the series, and was extensively supported by IO with several releases of downloadable content and free updates that added new features, game modes, and a new location.

In 2023, IO rebranded Hitman 3 as Hitman: World of Assassination, which was previously used in the Stadia version. This rebranding included the previous two Hitman games becoming available to Hitman 3 owners, free of charge, along with a new game mode called "Freelancer".

 Genre: Stealth

 PEGI Rating (Age group): 18+

 Publisher: IO Interactive

 Developer: IO Interactive

Rs. 2,799.00

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