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T80 FERRARI 488 RACING WHEEL is an 8:10 scale replica of the Ferrari 488 GTB wheel (28 cm in diameter), officially licensed by Ferrari and PlayStation 4. The wheel features official buttons for PlayStation 4 (“PS”, “SHARE” and “OPTIONS”) for easy navigation within the PlayStation 4 interface and in menus of PlayStation 4 games. Compatible with all PlayStation 4 systems, PS4 racing games supporting wheels, and on PC (Windows 7/8/10).

The T80 Ferrari 488 GTB Edition racing wheel combines great comfort with comprehensive equipment. The device’s 28 cm diameter wheel and textured rubber cladding offer superior grip surfaces – a feature that all players will enjoy during long racing sessions. The racing wheel is also equipped with 11 action buttons and a D-pad, plus 2 large, metal wheel-mounted sequential paddle shifters. Also included is a large pedal set with adjustable angle of inclination and a wide foot-rest for ultra-precise, comfortable acceleration and braking.

Large, adjustable 2-pedal pedal set with wide foot-rest. Brake pedal offering progressive resistance. Individually adjustable pedals. The handling remains smooth in all circumstances, thanks to the racing wheel’s realistic linear resistance, delivered by Thrustmaster’s exclusive Bungee Cord technology and the automatic re-centring feature.


Rs. 20,990.00

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